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Yau Piu, born in August 25, 1968. He is a actor, artist of  TVB and HKTV. On the other hand, he has worked as a film voice over, the main role for the news announcer voice. Before he started to become a actor, he worked as a salesman, responsible for promoting energy-saving systems. He joined TVB  about 21 years ago and then moved to the HKTV. In 2015, TVB replays the TV programme call “Big Time”, the audience was attracted by his great acting.


From the beginning, Mr. Yau said being a actor is not easy. Actor also need to take care of family expenses. However, when he knew the security officer’s salary is higher than himself, he knew it was time to leave the industry. Moreover, each of the performance are inseparable from a certain type of role, even if there is enthusiasm for the acting will gradually disappear. He believes that being a artist in Hong Kong, only the wealthy people can be competent. Only have the basic salary (six thousand dollars), who can survive? After that, in the case of insufficient number of performances, the actor have to pay back to the company, there is no way to survive! He said.


Therefore, when the HKTV appeared, many people believe that there is a new hope. So, that explain why a lot of people were willing to work for HKTV. It is because they can feel the initial enthusiasm for the film and television industry in the new company. Whether the shooting tools, themes, scripts, work teams, HKTV have invested a lot of money, the positive and serious attitude is very rare. But at the same time, the government don’t let them to survive, what can we do? And the answer is No Way. This is our society. He said.


The Chinese market as a good opportunity for the whole world, and there have a large population, a lots of people have the potential talent. So, how about the Hong Kong actor’s future? China has fews performing arts colleges, their students are versatile. They do not mind to do the free performances, or even ask them to pay more as they will. The new generation want to win in this competition, we must know what is our value.

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