Freelance Model

Jo started being a freelance model in summer 2015.Although she is not a well-known teen model , she believes that it is just a beginning. As long as she grasps the chances in the industry, she will be able to succeed .Before, she worked as a part time ballet instructor and an intern in an Indian diamond buyer company.She started her career as a freelance model when she accompanied a friend to a model casting, and found out that this job is flexible in terms of timetable.

Freelance model is a popular career among young girls in Hong Kong, as the time is flexible, and the income is good. There’s a job called freelance promoter, which is slightly different from freelance model, is even more popular, as promoter has less requirement in appearance.


She once encountered a production house (i.e. something like model agency) who asked her to pay a few thousands for shooting a comp card. This is unreasonable because normally, model agency shoots comp card for models for free.  (A comp card is a marketing tool for actors and especially models. They serve as the latest

Sample of COMP CARD
Sample of COMP CARD

and best of a model’s portfolio and are used as a business card.)


She loves this job, but she prefers to accept jobs that are more artistic rather than commercial. Commercial modelling requires models to look mainstream-ly beautiful, sweet and cute, and to just sell a product with punchlines provided by the clients. However, it is not realistic to choose clients according to personal preferences, and it is hard to avoid some compromising.


The most difficult part of freelance model is to be ready every moment, like , having a fit figure, looking good and fresh, in good skin condition and in good mood to show affection in front of camera or to the audience. Also , it is important to do homework on the jobs, like if you receive a job on sportswear, you need to study how to pose for it.


The happiest part is meeting clients who take care of her feelings. It is normal for model agency to treat full-time contract models better than the freelancers. She worked for an ad that requires her to get wet in an air-conditioned studio, and the clients would hand her a big towel after shooting. She also loves clients who would communicate with her about how to pose or what to express, and she hates it when the clients only gives out a one-way direction for models.


Other than money, the most rewarding thing of this job is getting photographed beautifully. It is also rewarding when the clients feel satisfactory of her photo shoots, and when she met other models as true friends in the industry. Last thing to mention is that she thinks freelance model is suitable for her as a career as she was a dancer in school, and she likes performing in front of audiences and she is very expressive. She is also not afraid of competition.


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