Research Assistant

Joann started this job in October 2016.
She Loves this job because it is better than her previous job (Assistant to Member of District Council); in previous job, she encountered the grassroot elderly who are greedy about free gifts and services, and she always felt tired of it. In COA, her job is to collect data about aging population, and the elderly she faces are more willing to contribute and more polite.


She also loves this job because it is helpful for her to study her current master course in Social Science, and this job is relative to policy making and programming, which is her biggest interest.She thinks she won’t stay in HKU COA for a long time, but she will definitely pursue same type of job in another institution.This job is not popular in Hong Kong, as it requires a certain level of education degree.


The most difficult part is to wake up early as she lives in Tai Po, and the transportation time is long. The happiest part of the job is to go out to different sites to collect data, as she hates sitting in the office.


For the connection with the community, her job does make a high level of connection with the society. COA cooperates with NGOs to recruit elderly for experiment, and it is a bonding between academic institution  and the community. Data collecting will tell us more about the aging society, and tell us how to prevent the elderly from suffering diseases like insomnia,joints problems and etc.


Link to the COA of HKU :

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