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Welcome to Hong Kong Work. This is a database which includes the information of individuals from of different types of non-mainstream works of Hong Kong. It is made by six Lingnan University students from September to November in 2016.

Take a look! Enjoy!



Hello everyone, I am Spencer Lam. A year 3 student from Lingnan Cultural Department. I studied Cultural Studies since 2 years ago and I found it is a very useful subject for us to rethink our society. Therefore we made this website to collect different stories from people work in different careers and try to share their stories.

This archive is our collective effort, hope everyone of you can find another face of different career in Hong Kong!




Hey guys! I am Nicolas Ho. A year 3 student from Lingnan Cultural Department. I have been very interested in movies since I was in primary school. Until I am 18 years old, I plucked up my courage and attend the drama course at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Then, I became an actor and participated in different types of shows. I think that studying in Cultural studies is very useful for me to get a better understanding of the script. In the future, I hope I can be a movie actor! In this website, our admin will show you the different types of industry in hong kong, especially the neglected group of people.  Enjoy!



Hi! I am Feby Chan and a year 4 student. I major in philosophy and minor in cultural studies. I love photography and HK local culture. So I always go to different local places tp take photos. This is my first time of making webite. Hope you guys would like our website=)








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